New SMITE God Reveal For Zeus

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Hi-Rez Studios have taken a break from the norm today as they release the latest SMITE God reveal video for the iconic king of Olympus, Zeus. In previous weeks the SMITE God reveal videos have typically been reserved to introduce new God’s, hence the reveal, however this week they focus on an already available God, Zeus.

Zeus has always been one of the most popular God’s in the game, especially in damage-heavy game modes such as Arena and various Match of the Day variations. The description of his abilities is probably a little late for most SMITE players but the famous Lore section is sure to impress fans of the lore surrounding the God’s in SMITE.

The latest video was a bit of a stealth addition to the ever-expanding God reveal video library as it wasn’t even mentioned on the official website or Reddit. This is most likely due to the lack of a patch this week but you can expect some official coverage following the next patch note release.

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