New Track Coming to Quantum Rush

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

GameArt is updating their MMO racer Quantum Rush today with balancing optimizations, changes to existing tracks, and most importantly, a completely new track for players to race on.  The action racing MMO from the Berlin-based developer is currently in its closed beta phase with updates and bugfixes coming on a weekly basis.

The new track, with the preliminary name “GT1”, offers some new special features that have not yet been seen in Quantum Rush.  First of all, the track is the widest of all existing tracks, which will help racers with less wall contact, the track has ‘slowing lanes’ on either side which does not cause energy loss when driving over them, but will slow your vehicle down.  Additionally, a gigantic quarter pipe with energy restoration on the outer lane may peak your interest in the new “GT1”.

Further updates coming today include changes to the Coastal / Airport tracks, with external booster pads and pick-ups being balanced, new booster packs and pick-ups added to Canyon and all engines in the game receiving a new energy refill rates.  There much more with the new update today, and all the details can be found on the Quantum Rush website.  

Source: Quantum Rush Press Release

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