New Trailers Discovered For Icarus Online

WeMade Entertainment today released two exciting new gameplay trailers for the upcoming flying-based MMORPG, Icarus Online. The new videos offer additional insight to the games dragons and flying mechanics while also introducing players to the incredibly detailed character creation and progression features. There are currently 5 classes featured in Icarus Online including Berserker, Guardian, Assassin, Priest, Wizard with a rumored 5th class expected to join later in development, the Ranger.

As shown in the videos below the two standout features of Icarus Online are the flight combat and taming mechanics. Similar to SOE’s Dragon’s Prophet, players will be able to catch a variety of mythical creatures before utilizing their abilities in combat.

Icarus Online is rapidly approaching its open beta release but sadly it’s currently locked in the West. For more information on the game, if you can read Chinese, check out the official website.

Source: Steparu

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