New Vacation Spot Opens In MMORPG Knight Age

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

A new vacation spot is now available in the popular free MMORPG, Knight Age. Today marks the launch of the Relaxing Resort Fishing Hole and Hot Spring. The new additions will provide players with ways to support their journeys and win fabulous prizes.

From today until June 25th, players can look forward to a myriad of activities including experience boosts during weekend events. Knight Age characters can gain to up to 400% more experience during their quest in the Yann Valley Village. There will also be a 400% increase to item drop rate, giving players an abundance of loot they?ve surely always wanted. Joymax is even allowing 45 individuals to win permanent pirate gear during the event, such as masks, rings, and necklaces.

There are a few ways to win some goodies. First, you can catch an awesome looking fish. To enter, players can take a picture of the best fish they catch and post it on the Knight Age Facebook page. Consolation Chubby Bait will be provided for anyone who enters so you can continue your fishing journey well after the special event has run its course. Players can also win other prizes by taking a picture of their character atop the games enormous Kuokuo statue. If these contests don?t float your boat, players can head over to the Blue Wind Forest for an intense adventure. Those successful of restoring peace to the area can even check out the rare equipment at Torgal?s Trade Cart.

Whether you are looking to win Golden Carrots, Mysterious Chalk, or Magic Dust, the new content is clearly set to provide a memorable online experience. Head over to to check it out. Winners will all be announced on June 28th.

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