New Vindictus Episode Coming Soon

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Nexon announced that the second episode of Vindictus Season 2 is set to launch on May 29th, titled The Secret of Twilight Desert. The update will bring a bevy of new features to the game as well as new story content for players to explore. Tasked with uncovering the secrets of the Twilight Desert, it is up to the player to find a mysterious item that will help them make contact with the Mistress of the Twilight Desert.

One of the most notable changes that will influence gameplay is the addition of an all new day and night cycle. Caution must be taken after the sun sets as new enemies rise from the ground to search for victims. Amongst the new enemies are the Grim Reaper and the Guardian Soldiers. Promising to provide significant challenge, players with the time and skill to defeat these new enemies will reap the rewards of lost technology that will help them on their way.

Nighttime also introduces a new plant, the Luminary Plant. Those who master the Luminary Gathering skill will earn orbs, which can then be used for crafting equipment and weapons.

Another area of interest is the new underground dungeon, built by the eccentric Coffer Chasers. Finding this area will be tricky as shifting sands reveal and cover different entrances throughout the desert, but persistence will pay off! Beyond the dungeon’s hidden entrance and onslaught of foes lies a treasure worth the fight!

Vindictus-Season 2 Episode 2 Trailer Twilight Desert

NEXON’s Vindictus is an action-mmorpg that melds ‘elegant brutality’, gorgeous visuals and intense combat.  For those interested in exploring The Secret of Twilight Desert can find out more and download the title HERE.

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