Soldier Front 2 Co-Op Modes Revealed

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

It can be said that everyone’s dream is to smash aliens to bits uses any number of methods.  Well, in Soldier Front 2, that’s exactly what Aeria Games is hoping for.  With the new announcement of several co-op game modes, Soldier Front 2 will make it easy for you to get your fill of alien carnage.

The highly anticipated first person shooter MMO will feature several game modes like the unique Hero Mode.  This mode will throw players into a MOBA-style war between 2 teams with alien troops on either side to help your soldier take out the enemies base.  I’m guessing this mode will probably look similar to the camera angle we see in a game like SMITE.  Another two mode features the same aliens, known as the Xanthid, will be released shortly after launch as well.  In the co-op Defense Mod, up to four soldiers will team up to obliterate waves of aliens in a ruined metropolis.  And Manhunt Mode will let players actually become the aliens and team up against the enemy soldiers.

Like all Aeria Games titles, Soldier Front 2 will be free to download and play.  For more information on this game, please visit the Soldier Front 2 website.  

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