No Download Games of the Week!

We know. Sometimes you just don’t have the time in the week to play an MMO game. I mean, after downloading it, and installing it and creating your character, you’re out of time to even play it. Well that’s where we come in! No download MMORPG games. It’s such a simple solution, you wish you had thought about it yourself.

We present to you the best games you can play this week, without any downloads. These games are playable right in your browser, so think about all the time you are saving and play one of these non download MMORPG games today!

[heading]5. Edgeworld[/heading]

Edgeworld is a modern take on a sci-fi strategy game. At its heart it is a city building game that puts you in the middle of a war between the Ceruleans and the Galactic Union. You will use your own strategies to take out your opponents as y ou take the role of the commander of a military base. This game has been widely popular and is a great addition to your no download library.
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[heading]4. Goodgame Empire[/heading]

Goodgame Empire gives you a chance to experience the plush life of the lord of the land. You will be tasked with building a small castle in the middle of a rural land, and building it up to be the capital of a vast empire. You will build up your military forces to defend your holdings, while expanding your borders and building up your township. The graphics are cartoony and easy on the eyes, which has persuaded many a gamer to take part in this game.
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[heading]3. Forge of Empires[/heading]

Forge of Empires is another browser-based strategy game where you will, among other things, manage an empire, produce resources, develop an army and gain control of provinces, all the while leading your city through several ages of history and development. Forge of Empires does things a little differently by letting you build anywhere on your plot of land and letting you destroy and move buildings, which doesn’t seem like a huge advancement, but definitely makes the game a little more user friendly!
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[heading]2. The Settlers Online[/heading]

The Settlers Online is one of the cleanest and most fun city-building strategy games on the market today. And of course it is, because it’s from Ubisoft! The Settlers Online allows you to transform your simple plot of land into a mighty empire. You will trade valuable goods with friends while building towns and villages and journey into the wild to complete missions and engage in battle!
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[heading]1. Godfather 5 Families[/heading]

The mafia theme is vastly under-utilized in this day and age. And The Godfather 5 Families utilizes this theme perfectly! The goal is to build up a criminal empire that you will use to attack other players. This game is definitely for the PvP minded and will have you logging in hour after hour to make sure you arsonists and hit men are ready to take on enemy families.
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