Nosgoth Closed Beta Announced

Square Enix and Psyonix today revealed that the highly anticipated Nosgoth closed beta will begin this week, Thursday February 27th. The games suffered a bit of an identity crisis since its original reveal with many first calling it a MOBA before later detailing it as an RPG however officially Nosgoth is a free-to-play team based, third-person online multiplayer game that promises to deliver heart pounding action alongside highly competitive gameplay.

Celebrating the closed beta launch Square Enix have announced that a brand new game mode will be introduced, Siege. In this new game mode Humans will be tasked with capturing specific locations while the Vampires must satisfy their lust for blood as they hunt and kill their Human opponents.

Other features of Nosgoth include breathtaking visuals, deep class customization, an exciting variety of game modes and a skill based combat system – all wrapped up inside the powerful Unreal Engine 3. Square Enix have promised to deliver updates throughout the closed beta introducing more maps, modes, classes, weapons, abilities and skins.

Source: Press Release

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