Guild Vs. Guild Introduced To Forge Of Empires

InnoGames today announced one of the most exciting updates in the history of Forge of Empires with the introduction of the highly anticipated Guild vs. Guild PvP update. It’s one of the most requested features from the Forge of Empires community, one many have been waiting several months to experience.

Beginning today guilds will now be able to participate in large-scale PvP as they battle for control over various objectives and eventually, the entire continent. The new PvP battlefield will see one persistent continent come into play, allowing guilds of all shapes and sizes to participate in the exciting new events.

Guilds will fight for control of different sectors of the new map, each offering a variety of different rewards including boosts to recruitment and research. All rewards obtained via the new PvP system will be rewarded to all members of a particular guild on a daily basis. InnoGames released a new video highlighting the latest update, you can watch it below.

Source: Press Release

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