Nosgoth Walkthrough: Alchemist Class Guide

Staying true to the traditionally difficult and misunderstood support class is the next focus in our Nosgoth walkthrough as we throw down the lowdown on all things Alchemist including Perks, abilities, available weapons and general class-related tips and tricks. The Alchemist’s main role on the battlefield is to deal area of effect damage while attempting to avoid Vampire’s that quickly make an Alchemist their primary target. The most difficult mechanic to master with the Alchemist is the self-harm mechanic that has the potential to damage the caster

Recommended Perks

As with all of the classes in Nosgoth, it’s best to pick Perks that best suit your play style but if you’re struggling, here’s my set up. Personally I rock Fleet Footed, Tinkerer, Fast Hands and Cooldown. The Perks are best used to ensure the Alchemist is able to move around the battlefield as quickly as possible as close-quarters combat can be suicidal, literally.

What’s The Best Alchemist Weapon?

Hand Cannon, Fullbore Cannon: The Hand and Fullbore Cannon’s are almost identical weapons with only one small exception. The Hand Cannon has a decent damage area and boasts a larger clip than the Fullbore Cannon, but the Fullbore does greater damage in a smaller clip.

Multi Cannon: The Multi Cannon is the weakest weapon available to Alchemist’s in regards to single target damage. However, it’s incredibly wide damage area makes it the perfect choice for those struggling to get to grips with the aiming mechanics.

Viscous Cannon: The Viscous Cannon is responsible for some of the most hilarious kills I’ve seen in Nosgoth. Instead of delivering direct damage upon impact the Viscous Cannon instead sticks to a target before exploding a few seconds later. It can be used to cause direct damage to opponents in groups but it’s also a great deterrent if you want to try and cut-off a Vampire’s entrance or escape in combat.

Primary Abilities

Sunlight Vial: Whatever you do, do not waste the Sunlight Vial as a means to cause damage. Even with a direct hit Sunlight Vial delivers a massive 1 XP’s worth of damage. The true purpose of Sunlight Vial is an additional evasion opportunity. Throwing the Sunlight Vial at a nearby enemy causes them to suffer the Blind status effect, offering a few valuable seconds to escape or reposition for the next assault.

Light Bomb: The Light Bomb is very similar to the Sunlight Vial but provides more damage at the expense of lesser escape opportunities. However, it doesn’t cause any damage to the caster so at extremely close quarters, it’s often the better option than Sunlight Vial.

Secondary Abilities

Fire Wall: Correct usage of Fire Wall can be the difference between wiping your opponents team or watching your allies fall 1 by 1. Casting the ability conjures a large wall covered in flames, restricting passage and forcing enemies to either go over or around. It can stop enemy charges, pounces and just about anything else that requires direct line of sight but the flames can also spread to the caster, so use with caution.

Flamethrower: Flamethrower is a little safer in regards to harming yourself but it suffers a slightly shorter active time and less damage in exchange. It’s a short burst of damage and damage over time effect and best used while running through groups of enemies when either escaping or relocating.

Poison Cloud: Poison Cloud sees the Alchemist throw a vial of green liquid that is highly toxic to Vampires, and the Alchemist if they get too close. It can be thrown a long distance so the potential to hurt oneself is low and it’s ability to disrupt enemy attacks make it the perfect support ability for Alchemists.

Healing Mist: Healing Mist is a great ability but it cannot be used to its maximum potential unless you’re playing in a highly coordinated and experience team. Choosing this ability rearranges your responsibilities on the battlefield as you’ll now be tasked with healing and saving your allies. Healing Mist can also be used alongside Poison Cloud to create a highly potent disruption attack providing you can heal your allies through the damage caused by the Poison Cloud ability.

Alchemist, Tricks Gameplay Guide

The role of an Alchemist on the Nosgoth battlefield is a crucial one. Not only does the Alchemist boast an impressive level of damage but they are also one of the greatest classes at disrupting enemy attacks.. Your main job is to disrupt the Vampire’s at every opportunity. Use your Firewall to block off an entrance or exit so your team can focus fire on one area, or use it to protect fleeing allies before they’re caught.

Be careful in close-quarters combat as you can quickly decimate your own health. Splash damage from your own abilities alongside backlash from your cannon of choice can inflict more damage than the enemy, so time your abilities and attacks carefully.

The Alchemist has the greatest potential to control the battlefield of all the classes in Nosgoth. The ability to switch between healing, crowd-control and mid-range abilities allows for quick adaption to a variety of circumstances, just make sure you’re aware of the best possible load-out and approach to each specific scenario.

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