Nosgoth Walkthrough: Hunter Class Guide

One of the many classes available to Human’s in Nosgoth is the powerful Hunter. This Nosgoth Walkthrough: Hunter Class Guide will teach you everything you need to know about using a Hunter including their weaponry, abilities, skills on the battlefield & pros and cons.

The Hunters represent the highest damage output of all the Human classes in Nosgoth, making them a vital ingredient for success on the battlefield. They boast good mobility, a high damage output, and a powerful control of the arena.

For maximum efficiency on a Hunter it is advised you take the following perks when available:

Suggested Perks: Accuracy, Fleet footed, Tinkerer

Hunter Weapons

Hunter Weapon Types

Repeater: This is the traditional Hunter weapon in Nosgoth and acts as a balanced long-range weapon that does everything well, but doesn’t excel in any particular area. A steady fire rate, decent damage and impressive clip size make it the perfect first-time weapon for new Hunters.

Siege Bow:The Hunter’s Siege Bow is a specialist weapon that is incredibly potent when attacking Tyrants. It has a slower fire rate and clip size than the Repeater, but far more damage potential more than makes up for that shortfall. However, a reduced clip size and fire rate mean you could find yourself reloading in the heat of battle if you’re not accurate enough.

Multibow: The weapon of choice for many a brave Hunters in Nosgoth, the Multibow. The biggest damage dealing weapon available in the Hunter arsenal is powerful enough to dispatch of any Vampiric foes in a very short time, but even missing one of its 3-shot bursts could result in your untimely demise.

Bolt Thrower: If you find yourself blowing your load a little early with the Multibow, the Bolt Thrower is for you. Less damage than its Hunter weaponry counterparts, the Bolt Thrower boasts a massive clip size that makes it perfect for the drawn out engagements against the enemy.

Hunter Skills – Primary abilities

Regardless of your weapon, it’s the correct usage of your abilities that will help keep you, and your team alive. Below are some details and insights into the Hunter’s main abilities, including potential scenarios and problems.

Bola: Widely considered to be the most overpowered ability in all of Nosgoth, the Bola gives Hunter’s the opportunity to lock down an enemy Vampire for 3 seconds, restricting their movement and removing their ability to climb walls or dodge attacks. Correct timing can mean the death of an unsuspecting enemy Vampire but be careful, there is a 1-2 second delay after using the Bola before you’re able to attack again.

Poison Bola: The Poison Bola is almost identical to its lesser poisoning cousin, offering an increase cooldown timer for the chance to land an additional 300 damage alongside the movement restricting effects.

Hunter Skills – Secondary Abilities

Accompanying the Hunter’s impressive ability to immobilize their targets are an exciting selection of secondary abilities that help provide more options and opportunities to the keen warriors of Nosgoth.

Fire Arrow: The Fire Arrow is one of the most commonly used abilities as it adds additional damage to a Hunter’s attacks. The Fire Arrow is best used at close range to avoid wasting the ability but be cautious, stand too close and you’ll also receive damage from the additional fire effect. Because of the large amount of damage from Fire Arrow it is quite often best to save it as a final hit, as opposed to using it at the start of the battle and giving your enemy chance to flee.

Blinding Shot: The Blinding Shot adds another impressive crowd-control ability to the Hunter’s arsenal and a critically important attack against Tyrants and Sentinels due to the added effect of blind. Be careful not to waste it on Vampires with easy escapes, it’s best used to counter an aggressive push.

Grenade: The Hunter’s Grenade is a pretty self explanatory ability but it does give the Hunter the option of switching to a more support type role. These deadly explosives are capable of dealing huge amounts of AoE damage to multiple targets, making it the perfect ability if you need to step back from the heat of battle. The Grenade’s ability begins its fuse countdown as soon as it’s thrown. The most effective way to deploy the Grenade is to throw it upwards in an arc-type angle, allowing the Grenade to hit your target with the shortest possible fuse – reducing the time the enemy has to escape.

Sticky Grenade: The Sticky Grenade is very similar to the traditional Grenade ability but with slightly reduced damage and the added ability to stick to enemies and the environment. It’s a great tool to catch Reavers climbing to escape or evade attack.

Hunter Tips, Tricks & Gameplay Guide

Avoid Running: Despite what your survival instincts may tell you, you want to avoid running whenever possible. Whilst running you’re unable to use your weapons or main abilities, leaving your team a man down should a battle begin. It is also worth noting that even with the Fleet Footed Perk, Vampire’s will catch you practically every time with the built-in slow from Vampire basic attacks and abilities such as Haste and Enrage.

Accuracy Is Vital: There is one single element to being a Hunter that will make or break the experience, your aim. If you’re unable to connect with your attacks you’re useless to your team as you cannot take advantage of the dangerous levels of damage available from the Hunter attacks.

Manage Your Ammunition: Even if you’re incredibly accurate, you’ll soon find yourself victim to deadly Vampire attacks if your clip is empty. Reload at every single opportunity possible, when you’re not engaged in combat of course. You’re almost guaranteed to die if you’re caught short of ammo during a combat scenario, so get used to mashing that reload button.

Overall Attacking Tactics:
The main purpose of a Hunter in a team battle is to deal out damage. To maximize your damage output potential it would be a good idea to take Poison Bola/Bola’s and Fire Arrows. These abilities help retain some level of crowd-control while allowing for maximum damage.

Although many Hunter’s may tell you differently, the best choice for a weapon is the Repeater. It may not excel in an individual area like the other weapons, but the jack of all trades approach is easily the best DPS output over the course of an entire match.

Overall Defensive Tactics:

The defensive abilities best suited for a Hunter are Bola and Blinding Shot. The Bola’s lengthy 10 second cooldown may mean you can only use it once or twice in a team fight, but it almost guarantees the death of an enemy when used on conjunction with attacks from your allies. The Blinding Shot is almost required to battle in Nosgoth, purely because it’s the only real defensive option against rushing Tyrants and Sentinels.

As a Hunter you’ll also need to be aware of your Scout allies. They are one of the most important assets during a battle but they must make themselves incredibly vulnerable in order to be a threat to the opposition. As a Hunter you’re basically the child minder. Watch your Scout’s like a hawk and if necessary, take a death in their place.

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