Nosgoth Walkthrough: Complete Guide To Humans

The cut-throat battlefield of Nosgoth can be a dangerous place for the unprepared warrior. This Nosgoth walkthrough aims to offer a complete guide to the Humans including their weapons, attributes, and basic tips and tricks to get the most from Humans in combat.

Humans have access to a pretty impressive arsenal in Nosgoth but for newer players, the stats system can seem a little overwhelming. Down below you will find a list of all the attributes related to Human weaponry accompanied by a brief description on what each stat does.

Human Weapon Attributes

  • Spread: The amount of dispersion applied to bullets when aiming.
  • Clip Size: How many grenades, bullets or arrows you can carry.
  • Fire Rate: How quickly the weapon fires
  • Damage: Influences the amount of damage dealt with each shot
  • Reload Speed: How quickly you can load a full clip.

So. Now you understand how to correctly gauge a weapons ability and potential based on the stats it has on display but you’re not quite ready for the battlefield just yet. Before you begin learning the unique mechanics of each Human class in Nosgoth, check out our general Nosgoth Human tips below:

1. Fight Together Or Die Alone

Nosgoth is not your typical run-and-gun shooter that rewards an individual based on their ability to pull the trigger quicker than their opponent, if you want to succeed you will need to learn the strengths and weakness of every foe and ally on the battlefield.

Humans were not designed to be strong enough to kill a Vampire in a 1v1 situation. The Vampire’s super human abilities and hastened healing make them far too powerful for a single Human alone. This is why you must attempt to remain with your allies at all costs, even if it means letting an enemy escape on low health.

2. Keeping Your Allies Alive Is Vital

Although Humans may be weaker than their Vampiric counterparts they have a number of tools that help to combat this. One of these tools is the impressive variety of weapons available to Human players. Most specialize in delivering excellent damage from mid to long range, offering the perfect tool to take down advancing enemies while still maintaining formation.

Pay close attention to your allies at all times. If you have ever played Left 4 Dead, you’ll be familiar with the on-screen visual cues that occur when an ally is in trouble. Normally an ally can be seen through objects with a green outline, however this outline changes to red when that particular player is under attack.

Be sure to respond to your allies cries for help as soon as humanly possible – it only takes one or two kills and you’ve lost your safety in numbers fail-safe.

3. Learn Healing Station Locations & When To Use Them

Each of the maps in Nosgoth have special Healing Stations that Human players can use to restore Health Points. Ensuring you top your health up at every opportunity is a no-brainer, but careful planning and considering must be taken into account as each Healing Station has a cooldown.

If you’re too quick to heal you may find yourself forced to leave the comfort of your allies as you search for an available Healing Station. If you’re too reserved with healing, you may find yourself victim to random deaths by Shockwave’s.

4, Don’t Stand Still!

Imagine yourself as a blood-thirsty creature of the night, the unquenchable thirst overcomes you as you stalk your pretty on the battlefield. Oh wait. There’s one guy in the corner that hasn’t moved in a few seconds and is the perfect target for one of my powerful abilities.

That’s exactly how your enemies think when they see you remain stationary for too long. Keeping on the move doesn’t necessarily mean running into the unknown like a lunatic. Use your immediate surroundings wisely and make it as difficult as possible for your enemies to land any of their abilities.

5. Time Your Reloads

This may seem shocking to the skilled FPS gamer but reloading is very rarely as vital as it is here so even veterans will want to ensure they’re doing it right. Every Human weapon type has a different Reload Speed attached to it. Learning the exact time it takes you to reload can be the difference between a complete team wipe or a triple kill for your allies.

Always make sure you are fully loaded as a battle begins and remember not to use any abilities while reloading as it will cancel the animation and reset cooldown timers.

Human Classes

Understanding both your allies and your enemies can be the difference between victory and defeat. Even if you find one specific class to be far more appealing than the others, do not neglect to learn the basics as you mind find yourself paying for it later.

Check out our detailed class guides below to get a deep insight into the weapons, abilities, strategies and tactics deployed by the most skilled of Human players.

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