Nosgoth Walkthrough: Prophet Class Guide

The jack-of-all-trades is the target of our latest Nosgoth walkthrough as we provide details on the weapons, abilities, skills and tactics available to the powerful Human class, the Prophet. Although widely considered to be the games main support role Prophet’s have access to an exciting variety of abilities on the battlefield, giving them the tools to control and damage their enemies while supporting and healing her allies.

Recommend Perks

The Perks are not as important as other elements of your Prophet build as they are far more balanced and each bring something worthwhile to the table. It’s best to choose your own group of Perks to suit your play style but I personally rock Catlike Reflexes, Quick Wits, Steadiness or Deadeye.

What’s The Best Prophet Weapon?

The Prophet has the unique pleasure to be the baddest looking dude on the battlefield thanks to the duel-wielding of flintlock pistols. A steady flow of damage and great accuracy are offset by a lack of range and fire-rate.

Revolvers: The Revolvers are the standard weapons of Prophet’s in just about every way possible. Reliable accuracy, good damage, solid fire rate, an all-round weapon that doesn’t punish players for missing a few shots here and there.

Quick Pistols: The Prophet’s Quick Pistols ability is very similar to that of the Scout’s Swiftbow. They deal less damage than the other Prophet weapons but they support a much bigger clip, a quicker rate of fire, a very quick reload time and a close spread that makes them deadly at short range. I use these personally and Deadeye is perfect for the Quick Pistols.

Heavy Pistols: The Heavy Pistols are the big boys of the Prophet arsenal. They have the smallest clip size but they hold enough bullets to turn a good marksman into a mean, lean, Vampire killing machine.

Primary Abilities

Banish Shot: The bane of all Vampire’s in the world of Nosgoth, Banish Shot. Prophet’s are often the first target in group combat purely because of this ability. Launching Banish Shot can interrupt the ability of enemy Vampire’s and renders them unable to attack or use any abilities for the duration of the skill. It also slows its targets. On the slightly negative side, it reduces all damage you inflict on that target by 50%……but your allies can still let rip.

Draining Curse: The Draining Curse is one of the few abilities in the game that doesn’t have an obvious on-screen prompt or notification to alert enemies of its imminent deployment. The casting time can feel slow but half the damage dealt with Draining Curse is returned to the caster as a heal.

Secondary Abilities

Leech Life: Leech Life is one of the most popular abilities used by the Prophet playerbase in Nosgoth today. It has a very helpful auto-aim level and can absorb a decent portion of help from enemies.

Sacrifice: Prophet’s Sacrifice ability is a large frontal cone heal that causes 1/2 the damage healed as direct damage to the caster. It is worth noting that 2 Prophet’s casting Sacrifice together can void the abilities of the negative effect, making it a total healing machine.

Prophet Tips, Tricks & Gameplay Guide

Prophet’s are not designed to be on the front lines at the start of combat. Remain at the rear and support your allies with heals while attempting to disrupt enemy attacks at every opportunity.

Spam Banish Shot at practically every opportunity. It’s massive range is a huge advantage for the Human’s so don’t be afraid to use it.

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