Notch announces new game, 0x10c

Today Mojang’s Notch announced a new space-themed game, titled 0x10c, confirmed to be in the very early development stages.

The space game, based in the year 281,474,976,712,44 AD, sets players up in a world on the verge of extinction, where remote galaxies and stars have long gone and black holes own the universe. The game is to be heavy on the science fiction angle, with a focus on engineering and use of an emulated 16-bit computer used to control and manage player’s space ships.

Features players can expect other than skilling up on engineering include ?space battles? versus AI or other players, ship looting, planet exploration and mining, trading, and an advanced economy system. The game will also feature a multiplayer experience via monthly subscription, as players will be connecting to a managed multiverse server, while single player will be a once-off payment.

Interestingly enough, those familiar with Notch?s recent Mars Effect April Fools? joke may find the website created for 0x10c is eerily similar, right down to some of the features listed. However, this game is, so far as we know, the real deal.

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