Novus Inceptio

Novus Inceptio is 3D MMORPG post-apocalyptic fantasy / sci-fi game. Its goal is to create a complex and fully independent world, regardless of the number of active players. Game style will focus on hardcore survival action, tactics and strategy.The project is being developed by one person and from which also affects the formation of the entire game world.

The whole world is made procedurally in real time. This is a complex mechanics of generating the surface, through the flora and fauna to different climatic conditions including the weather.

The world is made based on several factors:
Definition continents.
Density humidity.
Definition climates / biomes (altitude, density, humidity etc.)
According to other particularities defines the density of flora, maximum altitude, fauna and other specifics.
Everything can be easily converted into a 2D view.

Novus Inceptio is currently on IndieDB

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