Odin Gets The Makeover Treatment In Latest SMITE Update

It’s a pretty tough act to follow the hugely popular Chinese Pantheon update but Hi-Rez Studios have pulled it off with a makeover for one of the most loved God’s in the game, Odin. SMITE players can now enjoy the contents of the new patch which includes a variety of God ability and item changes, new Gold Skins, additional voice packs, as well as a newly designed Arena map.

Chang’e and Aphordite have received the golden treatment while Loki has a new skin in the form of the infiltrator. As well as his hugely impressive makeover, which can be seen in the screenshots below, Odin has also been treated to a new voice pack.

Tyr has been the victim of a number of nerfs, reducing the damage for both his 1 and 2 abilities, while slightly buffing the knock-back distance. Odin, Hun Batz and Ne Zha are some of the other God’s that have undergone a few changes.

For the full list of patch notes you can visit the official website here. We’ve also just uploaded a brand new interview from PAX Prime 2013, so if you want to see what’s in store for SMITE you can view that here.

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