Odin Quest Releasing Second Server

YouJoy.com will release the 2nd server of Odin Quest at 05:00 AM, 21th, Aug PDT to thanks for?players? enthusiasm and love to our awesome game. Invite your friends and fight with them to?create the new order in Medgate land now!

With so many players? enthusiasm, server1 Genesis of Odin Quest, which has been grandly?launched by YouJoy.com on 7th,Aug is very popular with our keen players. With high expectation?to this game, thousands of players rushed into the game at the second the game released, to?experience the game firsthand and obtain various awesome items. To provide more players?more fun and comforts, YouJoy.com decides to release the 2nd server Hellfire in advance.

YouJoy.com is an online browser game publisher who has successfully published DDTank and Call?of Gods. Odin Quest is a free to play MMOARPG that based on Nordic myth originated from Iceland and?surrounding countries during 1st and 2nd century. Players will fight with other mates to build?their own supremacy.

Here you can write your own legend using your talents in commanding and operation. Although?all players here are all at the same level in the beginning of Odin Quest, you can strength yourself?to get ahead of others by capturing awesome pets to accompany you or equipping high quality?items from enhance or upgrade.

After you obtained the awesome pets and powerful equips, you can challenge World Arena to?become the top1 who has the most combat force. You can also be grouped to Bright or Dark?Camp automatically to challenge others to obtain combo. In addition, there is another place?to show your power, i.e. Battlefield, in where player can create a team which has 3 members?at most. In Battlefield, you can challenge other teams from other servers randomly to prove?yourself. Of course, in all these arenas, you will also obtain bountiful amazing rewards if you are?powerful enough.

Equip those awesome items to challenge all Arenas on Odin Quest to show your Power now!?Competitive Arenas on Odin Quest are waiting for you!

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