SMITE God Reveal, Cupid, The God of Love

The fine folks over at Hi-Rez Studios have given us another God to behold in their incredibly fun MOBA game SMITE. ?The new hero will have you falling in love with the game just a little bit more. ?Why am I mentioning loving a game? ?Oh, that’s easy, because the new God in SMITE is Cupid!

An arrow from the bow of cupid, will make anyone give in to passion and desire, cupid is the son of venus and mars, he is the god of love and desire, shooting passion tipped arrows at all the creatures of the earth. ?When struck with one of his arrows, man and beast alike fall in love with the next thing they see.

In SMITE, Cupid, The God of Love is a ranged physical assassin with a dash of support. ?The God reveal video below gives you a taste of what to expect from this chubby little fellow and of course gives you a crash course on how to use Cupid in gameplay scenarios.

I must say, he looks pretty fun!

SMITE God Reveal - Cupid, The God of Love

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