Offensive Combat Gets Political

The game industry rarely incorporates the real world of politics, usually preferring the safe, neutral grounds of political ambiguity. However, U4iA Games is hardly a developer to play it safe and conventional. Once again ignoring the norms, the studio has released an update to their crude shooter, Offensive Combat, which aims to infuse our political party association with the crazy, arcade-style shooting mayhem we have come accustomed to with the F2P, browser-based MMOFPS.

With the fourth update, released last week, players are introduced to two new wearable heads, ?Blu the Donkey? and ?Redd the Elephant?. Meant to be a representation of the individual player?s political party of choice, the new character customization options are sure to be an effective outlet for his/her deepest political rage. This election season has been a messy one, and this update ensures that it will only get messier.

To add to the already heightened mayhem, two new humorous melee weapons are also being included. The ?Electionator? and the real world relevant ?Binder of Women? are added to the player?s arsenal, available to portray any political message the player sees fit to deliver.

Of course, politics aren?t the only changes you?ll see in the newest release. Also added in the update is the Annihilator gametype, Daily and Weekly Coin and Prize rewards for dedicated players, a more logical system for matchmaking (based on friends and level) and much more. For more specifics on the update, head over to the U4iA blog to get all the dirty details on what is changing and improving.

Offensive Combat is currently in beta form and is always looking for new players. So Attackers, with the election fast approaching, get online and show support for your party. Log in, choose a side, and let loose.

All that remains to be seen is, are you Redd, or are you Blu?

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