Boundless (Oort Online)

Oort Online is a sandbox MMORPG game in a universe of connected voxel worlds. In the game you can explore the vast universe, build a sprawling empire with your friends, and defend it against your enemies. Oort Online will allow you to explore huge numbers of different worlds, each with different resources, real players, and their creations. Each planet is populated by vicious and varied creatures, known as protectors, which can be killed for experience and loot. Everyone plays in the same universe, you can build anything, anywhere, from portals to palaces, and keep your creations safe, through beacons.

Oort Online is developed using an engine that can procedurally generate almost any world you can think of, which lets them create everything from inhospitable volcano worlds, to lush jungle moons full of weird creatures. Each world functions as a server, which can hold hundreds of players. You will be able to create portals that can allow you to travel to your friends worlds.

For an impressive demonstration of the game’s visuals and day/night cycle, check out our Oort Online World Graphics Time-Lapse video and don’t miss the developer’s Introduction Trailer for even more information.

You can back the project, which has an estimated launch date of late 2015 at Oort Online.

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