Open Beta Testing For Saint Seiya Online

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

The China based gaming company Perfect World Co. has announced the open beta testing launch for Saint Seiya Online. Adapted from the famous manga, the 3D MMORPG promises to bring an array of comic-based elements from the classic storyline.

Saint Seiya has always had the goal of providing players with an enjoyable MMO experience that’s easy to learn. For many Saint Seiya fans, the game will have a special significance, says CEO Robert Xiao  Xiao solidified the dedicated efforts of Perfect World Co. by adding, “We hope to bring players a game that resonates with them through
storylines they are familiar with. As one of our major titles in 2013,
‘Saint Seiya Online’ vividly reproduces the original comic with
optimized details and gameplay.”

Open beta testing  for this MMORPG is set for May 16th and will definitely be focusing on delivering exhilarating battles scenarios from the manga. With extravagant game design and stunning graphics to support it’s release, Saint Seiya Online will definitely find a way to keep players enthusiastic and passionate.

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