Path of Exile – New Patch and Supporter Packs

Grinding Gear Games is back in the news after announcing their crowd-funded collaboration for the Open Beta of their popular MMORPG, Path of Exile. Open beta is in full effect, so developers teamed up with gaming merchandiser J!NX to give new and old members of the MMO community a chance to receive additional bonuses when purchasing new supporter packs.

Supporter Pack sales have funded Path of Exile significantly, so they are definitely worth your while already. Each pack offers a range of benefits, including exclusive content like new pets, bonus points, forum titles, and some basic yet worthwhile cosmetic weapon effects. The collaboration with J!NX also includes a few pieces of real merchandise in the supporter pack. Merchandise varies depending on the pack you choose, but players can expect goodies like a Path of Exile themed t-shirt, a Chaos Orb key chain, stickers, and a wonderfully extended digital soundtrack.

Supporter Packs range from the $30 Open Beta Pack, to the highly dedicated Ruler of Wraeclast Pack, which costs a whopping total of $12,500. That might be a bit too hefty of a price for most gamers, but when you get to design your own in-game monster for the game?s future release, it?s worth consideration. The more money you spend, the more you will get from the game of course. Each tier of Supporter Pack has its benefits though, so you can?t go wrong with even the cheapest one.

There will also be two challenging game modes lasting until October 8th. Anarachy and Onslaught leagues launched this past weekend, giving players a chance to partake in some of the most hardcore action this MMORPG has to offer. The leagues will host intense PvP encounters and brand new challenges. Players can earn six new base items from league play, along with acquiring a special t-shirt for completing all eight challenges.

Players can head over to the Path of Exile website right away to get the additional information they need on the recent patch. Maybe pick up your own Supporter Pack while your there.

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