Patron System Introduces Optional Subscription For Trove

It’s been a rather busy week for Trion Worlds following the rocky launch of Trove. Plagued by low capacity servers and long waiting times, the game has since seen drastic improvements and more positive update content with the introduction of the build-a-boss community incentive and today, the launch of the Patron program.

The developers today invite players to enhance their in-game experience through a new optional subscription package, Patrons. Purchasing a recurring subscription or individual Patron Pass grants players access to a huge variety of exciting boosts and in-game benefits – allowing for quicker experience points gain, massively improved crafting speed bonuses and even the ability to jump great heights.

[quote cite=”Trion Worlds”]Enhance your experience in Trove by becoming a Patron! With a recurring Patron Subscription or individual Patron Passes* you’ll enjoy huge boosts that’ll have you leaping to greater heights (literally!) in no time. Charge into dungeons, explore countless realms, and craft epic loot with supreme confidence as you fulfill your destiny of being the best on the block![/quote]

Players can purchase a single month of Patron bonuses for $14.99 with optional savings given when committing to longer subscription periods. The cheapest package, which is available in a single installment for 12 months, is available for $131.88, equivalent to $10.99 per month. For more information, or to become a Patron today, check out the official store entry below.

Source: Official Website

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