World Of Warships Dev Diary #7 Highlights Camouflage & Signal Flags

Wargaming today lifted the veil on two new systems for the highly anticipated naval combat MMO, World of Warships, introducing the community to camouflage and signal flag customization options for their chosen vessels of war. Players prepare to fly their flags high above the open seas as the Navy inspired flags feature sees players fly various insignias for different bonuses. Some are national-based flags while others are to showcase ability to complete certain achievements and accomplishments. Signal Flags, as well as providing a nice cosmetic touch to ships, allow players to utilize various bonuses and boosts in battle. Increasing speed, critical hit chance and weapon power, or improving defenses against specific weapons and fire damage.

The other feature highlighted in today’s Developer Diaries is the camouflage element. Offering an additional customization option for captains the camouflage feature allows players to give their ship a unique look while providing a practical gameplay enhancement. For more details on the signal flags and camouflage features check out the official video below:

Developer Diaries #7 Camouflage & Signal Flags

Source: Press Release

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