Perfect World International Celebrates Four Year Anniversary

The Perfect World International team announced today that they are celebrating their fourth anniversary for their free-to-play fantasy MMO. As of yesterday, players were able to claim ultra-rare prizes and participate in a multitude of in-game events to honor the game?s four-year landmark.

“The PWI community is vast, talented, and extremely vocal,” said Product Manager Tony Liu. “We are continually blown away by our players’ passion for the game, and nothing makes us happier than to show our appreciation for them during this fun yearly event.”

Each player in the game can expect to receive a special anniversary gift relative on the length of how long they?ve played the game. Prizes will range from an adorable rodent companion named ‘Marmot Style,’ to a hulking new serpentine ground mount known as ‘Doom’s Stare.’

Not only that, but as part of a new player appreciation initiative, 500 players will be selected at random from those who claim their anniversary prize. These 500 players will receive a free 500 ZEN ($5 value) each as a token of appreciation from the PWI Team.

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