Pick Up A Free Starter Pack For Paragon In July

Epic Games today announced that they will be partnering with Sony and PlayStation to incentivize players to dive into the latest addition to the MOBA genre, Paragon, as the partnership will see the launch of a free Paragon Starter Pack for all PlayStation Plus members beginning July 5th.

To celebrate the free Starter Pack for Paragon for next month’s PlayStation Plus members Epic Games will also be launching a months worth of events alongside a discount for the Challenger and Master Founder packs at 25%.

The months events include:

July 5-11
Kill The Core
Each player who is part of destroying a core will contribute to a total number. If players reach 2.5 million core kills during the week, everyone will win the Midnight Muriel skin!

July 12-18
Still-Secret Hero Race
We haven’t announced our next Hero yet, but we’ll be setting a community goal for total Hero XP for this upcoming hero in a week. If players reach that goal, everyone will receive five card packs! More info soon.

July 19-25
All Hero “Race”
Much like our Hero Races, we’re giving the community a giant total Hero XP goal for the week. Any Hero. Total XP earned by the community. Win an unannounced skin. More info soon.

July 26-August 1
Double Everything
We’re going all out with Double XP and Double Rep all week! We’re also challenging everyone to see how many Hero levels the community can achieve in a week. Get out there, try some new Heroes and you could win an unannounced skin. More info soon.

Paragon - PS Plus Trailer - Free for July 2016

Source: Official Website

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