Shadow Of The Serpent Event Coming To EVE Online

CCP Games today announced the launch of a brand new event for the critically acclaimed, award-winning EVE Online, titled Shadow of the Serpent. Players are invited to investigate a new type of Capital Ship that are being constructed in the deadly Serpentis Region. During the event players will be able to salvage Serpentis pirate salvage vessels for unique Serpentis-themed ships, skins and implants.

The latest update also introduces an exciting mixture of other content updates including:


  • Citadel Expansion iterations including redemption, direct trade, and character customization in citadels, and the ability to set them as an autopilot waypoint
  • Multifit, which allows players to fit more than one ship at the same time
  • New Player Experience Improvements which offer clearer instructions, better flow, and meaningful context
  • Visual Effects Updates: secondary lighting in hangars and ship boosters, stargate visuals, and changes to several modules and black ops cynosaural field beacons
  • New Docking Transitions provide dramatic views of ships entering and leaving stations
  • Legalized Combat Boosters across the cluster


EVE Online - June 2016 Release Feature Tour

Source: Official Website

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