Pirate Storm: Death or Glory Introduces Engaging New Guild Islands System

Bigpoint?today announced that?Pirate Storm: Death or Glory?has added the ability to acquire new guild islands in guild zones within its treacherous waters. ?Players will experience a greater sense of union and engagement with their comrades, each fulfilling a duty amongst a number of responsibilities, and strengthening the guild connection to defeat their foes!? said Philip Hufen, Producer, Bigpoint. ?With the addition of guild islands and guild zones, we?ve thought of unique ways to add flare to ordinary guild configurations.?

With over two million registered players,?Pirate Storm?is an action-packed, free-to-play combat and exploration MMORPG featuring highly detailed graphics with PvP and PvE gameplay. Players navigate the seas as dreaded pirates fighting adversaries, monsters, and fiends in the battle for fame and glory.

Guilds that have reached level 5 and above in?Pirate Storm?can now stake a claim in territories on the new Guild Island map. With the updated guild islands system, members can build, upgrade, and fortify defenses to protect their mighty fortress. Players who attempt to raid guild zones earn Raid Points and rise in rank; the top 10 ranking guilds will unlock special rewards. By forming a guild, players activate team benefits including upgrade abilities, discounts on merchandise & repairs and bonus loot.

NEW Guild Finances
A new in-game currency ? Guild Gold ? can be earned and contributed by each guild member.? Guild Gold is required to purchase building structures, workshops, upgrades, repairs and related items for the guild island headquarters. Within each guild-owned harbor, a variety of monsters and defense towers can be bought and trained to safeguard the surrounding waters.

NEW Custom Crafting
Crafting has been implemented in this new development of?Pirate Storm?? which will be available to all players. With Raid Points, buccaneers can purchase blueprints containing crafting recipes. Items such as advanced ammunition and invasion weapons can be produced in the Workshop on the guild island. Once an item is completed, it is removed from the crafting queue, and ready for use.
Every month, guilds will have the opportunity to win the Guild Trophy ? the top guild in every server will be rewarded with the prestigious insignia of ?War Master,? known as the most feared adversaries in?Pirate Storm.
Pirate Storm: Death or Glory?is currently available in 24 languages.

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