Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm is a brand new pirate-themed free-to-play browser game from Bigpoint.  The game is set in the era of pirates where you will face monsters from the darkest depths of the oceans along with other nasty enemy pirates.  Your goal is to navigate the ocean as a dreaded pirate while you fight adversaries, monsters and your friends in the battle for fame and glory on the seven seas!

You begin the game as a simple ‘landlubber’ and are destined to make a name for yourself.  In Pirate Storm you have the option of sailing alone and taking all the glory for yourself, or joining a guild and fighting alongside other pirates for a host of riches across the immense game world.  There are 5 different ships to choose from, whether it be a Sloop, Brigantine, War Brigantine, Frigate and Large Frigate.  Outfit your ship with four different grades of cannons with three types of ammo.  Harpoons will also make up your weaponry with four different classes and three ammo types.

Upgrade our ships with various deck sizes, figureheads, bulkheads, keels and anchor and level up through thirty-five different levels on your way to becoming the best.  Guilds also have the ability to level up and grant you special items along your journey.  The immense world is filled with twelve different sea zones to allow plenty of freedom to pillage.  In Pirate Storm you will rise through the ranks with every battle until you are the most feared pirate on the ocean.

If you’ve been waiting for a solid MMO pirate game this is it! In Pirate Storm, you’ll fight sea creatures, swash-buckle with fearsome pirate foes, and pursue the abundance of hidden treasure.

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