Player-Driven Cities Are The Crown Jewel Of Albion Online

Sandbox Interactive today unveiled a new twist to the city life of the upcoming cross-platform sandbox MMORPG game, Albion Online, with the reveal of an exciting list of features tied to the player-driven cities.

Many corners of the world of Albion Online are wild and untamed with monsters free to roam and cause havoc wherever they please but there are a few safe havens for the dreary adventurer. Safe from the dangers of the wilderness these cities boast an intricate approach to the economy with an exciting selection of player services including merchants, crafting stations and more. Some of these cities will be player-driven, meaning the management responsibilities lay entirely within the hands of the players.

Initially the player-driven cities will be void of all life and structures but players will have the opportunity to make claim to these barren lands before erecting buildings, establishing trade routes and carefully nurturing the economy.

“These new cities will be strewn throughout the world,
including deep inside PvP territory; these cities will be places where
all players, regardless of their guild affiliations, can build houses
and storage for themselves, utilize crafting stations and trade at an
auction house, access their vaults, and otherwise prepare themselves
for venturing back out into danger”, said Robin Henkys, Lead
Game Designer at Sandbox Interactive.

Unlike territories player cities can be accessed by non-guild members meaning each city will be able to support its own player population including player housing, auction house usage and economic buffs.

Source: Press Release

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