Player Trading Finally Available In Trove

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably amassed a rather impressive vault of loot in Trove. Thankfully now that loot can be more than a mere boasting topic with friends as developers Trion Worlds announced recently that player trading is now available in-game with the release of the Player Marketplace. The new Marketplace acts as your one stop shop for buying and selling of goods to Trove players from around the world.

Accessing the new Player Marketplace is simple and quick. Simply press U while in-game and you can access the interface directly. Unlike other player trading solutions there is no bidding in Trove, an item is simply put up at the sellers chosen buyout price and that’s it. Another interesting element is the ability to select payment types as players can sell goods in exchange for Chaos Chests, Glim and Flux. Buying is just as easy, simply search the Player Marketplace itself for the item you want and voila!

A new update also introduced new content to Treasure Isles as players seek out the fabled Golden Ship for a chance to collect the Trove of Wonders. New caches have been introduced, allowing players to purchase chests of goodies for Flux, which can contain a variety of incredibly rare items.

Source: Official Website

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