Pockie Pirates reveals classes and new trailer

Pockie Pirates, a browser based MMORPG game by Game321 and has revealed the four classes that will be available to play as well as their CG Trailer for the game.
The Doctor

Doctors are smart, agile, excellent all rounders with an emphasis on healing and assisting. It is a Doctor’s duty to ensure their crew maintains a high HP during battle; with all those peg legs and the risk of sea scurvy, a pirate’s life would be short without the healing hands of a nearby Doctor.

The Navigator

     The wisest members of any ship, trained Navigators light the way for their crew along the Great Line with incredibly effective long-range magic attacks. Although they may be weak when it comes to physical defense, Navigators can still possess magic capable of dealing catastrophic damage to any opponent even when they’re down to their last breath.

The Swordsman

There is nobody greater than the Great Swordsman when it comes to close combat. Adept in both physical attack and defense, these fearless combatants are renowned for their fast, precise and ruthless attacking capabilities. Remember: you can’t put together a great pirate crew without being able to wield a sword.

The Sniper

A long-range class with fast speed, high attack and moderate defense ? the Sniper is the most flexible character choice in Pockie Pirates. Their power is matched by their agility and expert ability to dodge and hit.



The closed beta for Pockie Pirates will be live on June 21st, with the official release available in English sometime this summer.

More information available at: http://pirates.game321.com

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