Pokemon Go Player Trading, PvP & Legendaries On The Way?

The talented group behind community tool PokeVS today revealed details of a potential new update for Niantic Labs’ Pokemon Go following recent data mining efforts that revealed some hugely exciting features for the record-breaking mobile title. During the data mining of the most recent client update the team at PokeVS came across some exciting information that could just many of the communities most requested features making it into the game as early as next month.

Pokemon Go is the most successful mobile game in history. Within its first 90 days of service the game attracted more than 500 million downloads and reached an estimated $600 million in revenue. Despite its huge popularity at launch the games community and player base began to dwindle due to a lack of feature updates, removal of important elements and the lesser appeal of exploring the city streets in Autumn and Winter temperatures.

This could all change if Niantic Labs release a December update featuring the newly data mined information. The team discovered over 100 new normal Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, PvP battles, player trading and the ability to raise baby Pokemon in a similar way to the old-school Tamagotchi pets. There’s no official comment on when the updates will arrive but Ditto was recently data mined and released just weeks later.

Source: VentureBeat

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