Possible God Reveal Today For SMITE

Anyone that likes to keep up with the very latest for the popular MOBA SMITE, may want to check into the official SMITE Twitch.TV Channel later today for a possible reveal of the next upcoming God. HiRezBart will be leading the charge when the stream goes live, discussing the features coming in the next patch.

Many of the players are also speculating that Hi-Rez will announce the next God in the same stream. SMITE has quite a unique community in the way that there are dozens of data-miners, players that search every kilobyte of data with every patch, hoping to find possible clues for the next God coming to SMITE. In the past the data-miners have proven reliable after revealing Fenrir months prior to release. They have also discovered new skins and game modes before they’ve been announced by the developers.

The rumor mill is currently surrounding Isis as the next possible God, following the recent Fenrir release. In additional news a recent hot patch reduced Fenrir’s potential and has seriously altered his ability on the battlefield. We discussed the power of Fenrir recently so I was surprised to hear of the nerf.

Be sure to check the official SMITE Twitch.TV Channel to catch up on the latest SMITE news.

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