Power Rangers Online – Open Beta In Full Swing

Nope, it’s not a misprint. Power Rangers Online is a real MMO game and the open beta has just begun in Korea, expecting to run through until January 3rd. The hugely popular Power Rangers franchise, which we first saw debut on American television in August 1993, is still popular today amongst fan of all ages but as the original series has dwindled in the West over the years, it’s still massive in Korea and other Eastern countries.

Sadly the official website is in Korean and despite my best attempts, I can read a single word, digit, letter or whatever that stuff is. However there is a game play video that was recently launched on Youtube to celebrate the launch of open beta

Sadly there’s not a mention of Zordon or Lord Zed but there is enough information here to make an educated assumption on the game play. It appears to share mechanics with popular side-scrolling dungeon crawlers and judging from the video, there’s a good selection of Rangers available. There’s also a brief hint at cooperative abilities as 4 rangers launch a combined attack on what appears to be a boss monster.

I can’t say this is a game I expect to see on our shores anytime soon. Sure there’s a Power Rangers following practically everywhere but I’d guess that this is one game we’ll see sticking to Korea.

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