The War Z – Legal Issues Continue To Hound Zombie MMO

Since its “Foundation Release” before Christmas the upcoming zombie MMO game, The War Z, hasn’t managed to go a day without being hounded for yet more negative reasons, and today isn’t any different. You may have read our recent article regarding a developer harassing a streamer, which has since exploded on the official forums, but this latest issue cannot be fixed by simply deleting a forum thread.

You may have heard that Arktos Entertainment Group, the team behind The War Z, recently had the official trademarked name for the game put under dispute by Paramount Interactive regarding their upcoming blockbuster, World War Z. However, that’s not all. After some careful digging people have discovered that this is not the first time that Arktos Entertainment Group have been under scrutiny regarding trademarked names.

The company itself, Arktos Entertainment Group, have also lost the trademark rights for the company name as well as their MMOFPS game, War Inc. Both filed trademark applications back in November 2009 and although both were accepted, the company failed to reply leaving the process labelled as “abandoned” by the US Patent & Trademark Office.

I’m not going to pretend to know much about the legalities surrounding trademarking a company or game name but after being accepted, it appears all they had to do was reply with a letter, which they failed to do.

I honestly have no idea what’s coming next for The War Z, or if we’ll even see the game release, but I can’t argue with the entertainment that I’ve had reading through the continual flow of screw ups.

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