Prepare To Brawl In Upcoming Lost Saga Open Beta

Nexon recently announced that the action-packed, fist to the wall combat based MMO, Lost Saga, will be entering its open beta period late next month. The game has been available for US residents under the Z8 Portal for some time but April 24th marks the first opportunity for European players to explore the expansive array of features in Lost Saga.

Although on the surface it may appear to be just another anime inspired MMO, Lost Saga has many elements that help to distinguish it from the flood of MMO titles on the market today. Instead of the traditional quest grind and mob experience hunt, Lost Saga takes a more featured approach to combat. Players are able to select from over 100 unique fighters, with many different themes used as inspiration. Traditional fighting game archetypes battle alongside characters inspired by science fiction, fantasy and mythology.

The adrenaline fueled action, fast-paced mechanics and colorful characters promise to deliver a break from the norm in the MMO space. The open beta and full release will be free-to-play and the European version will be available in English, German, French, Italian, Polish and Turkish.

Source: HITC Tech

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