Preview Trove’s Upcoming Monster Bash

Trion Worlds today released a pair of new articles on the official website for the voxel-based sandbox MMORPG Trove, detailing some of the new features scheduled to arrive with the Monster Bash update that is expected to launch later this month. A new Boomranger type is sure to shake the game to its very core with an impressive list of abilities including a deadly third attack that can be launched from a bow, sword or hidden bomb.

Long-term Trove players will also be happy to hear that the developers have been listening to recent requests and feature ideas with the upcoming implementation of Customizable Flasks. This exciting new option will give players the opportunity to create custom drafts that can have varied effects, such as lesser heals than the current option but with the added benefit of additional attack power. Forging will also receive a bit of a buff, with stronger, more powerful gear being available to create.

Full details of the new content can be found at the link below. Trove’s Monster Bash update is expected to arrive before months end.

Source: Official Website

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