ARK: Survival Evolved – Dinosaur Survival MMO Early Access

Once again the allure and temptation of the Jurassic experience beckons gamers to the treacherous journey down the road of Early Access as Studio Wildcard reveal the first-person survival MMO with bite, ARK: Survival Evolved. Players will find themselves stranded and starving on the deadly shores of a mysterious island call ARK. Tasked with the single goal of survival, players will have to try their hand at hunting, harvesting resources, crafting, growing crops and researching new technologies if they hope to survive the elements and the local wildlife.

Early Access launch will see over 30 of the 70 total planned dinosaurs let loose on the world of ARK. As with similar games in the genre (let’s pretend Stomping Lands never happened) the native species of the island present their own unique challenge as players attempt to tame and capture the feral creatures with a unique combination of weakening, nursing and nurturing. Pet dinosaurs will be able to carry items, wear pieces of equipment, hunt for food, and even mounted.

ARK: Survival Evolved Announcement Trailer

The vibrant world of ARK promises to impress thanks to the highly customized and hugely impressive Unreal Engine 4, offering players fully dynamic lighting and global illumination alongside progressive weather systems, volumetric cloud simulation and support for DirectX11 and DirectX12 rendering technologies.

Details surrounding the games release are sparse but the developers did confirm that a PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release were currently the primary focus. Information on the former has yet to be released but details on the Steam Early Access release can be found on the ARK: Survival Evolved Steam page.

Source: Gamespresso

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