Project Copernicus MMO Up For Sale

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If you have any memories of Project Copernicus it’s probably not due to the games unique art style and features, but rather linked to the wash of legal issues surrounding its developers, 38 Studios. The Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation pledged to support 38 Studios with a loan to the value of $75 million, although many speculate that the developers needed far more than what was on offer.

This eventually resulted in the financial ruin of 38 Studios along with their Kingdoms of Amalur IP and Project Copernicus. Over a year has passed with very little news but now it appears the colorful MMO title will be put up for sale “soon”. The assets will be placed under the hammer using a currently undisclosed third-party website that is still under construction.

Attorney and court-appointed receiver Richard Land:

“The process is taking longer than we anticipated for a
variety of reasons including the complexity of the game itself”

In the same interview the attorney also told WPRI News that he is already talking directly with interested parties, although he was not happy to disclose any information regarding the price.

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