World Domination Event For PlanetSide 2

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

It’s not like PlanetSide 2 players need any extra incentive to dominate the world of Auraxia but Sony Online Entertainment are providing just that with the World Domination Series Preseason Challenge. The WDS event will begin on October 20th 2013 and will continue for 5 weeks as players battle for control over every objective, stronghold and location.

The WDS event will be supported by a number of the developers with Adam Clegg holding the banner for the New Conglomerate while Taylor Dowell and Dave Bennett represent the Vanu Sovereignty and Terran Republic respectively.

Each week players will be asked to participate in in-game challenges as they fight to earn points for their Empire of choice, battling their enemies for territorial dominance. Points will accumulate on a 24/7 basis offering each Empire additional points for capturing facilities and outposts; and defending them for the duration announced in the event. The developers will tally the points and announce standings at the end of each week before declaring an Empire victorious at the end of the event. The winning Empire will be rewarded with an in-game item to remind them of their dominance over their enemies.

For more information and details of the rules for the WDS event, visit the official SOE website here.

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