PvP, Housing & New Bahamut Dungeon Videos For FFXIV

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Square Enix have released a selection of new teaser videos highlighting some of the more exciting features in the upcoming 2.1 update. The videos first appeared on the show floor of this years Tokyo Game Show but now they’ve been made available to the wider audience.

The first video showcases the highly anticipated introduction for PvP, The Wolve’s Den. The new PvP option will give players the opportunity to engage in intense 4v4 PvP at levels 30, 40 and 50. Participating in PvP will reward points that can be used to purchase PvP gear and abilities exclusive to The Wolve’s Den and the upcoming Frontier large-scale PvP.

Following that we’ve got an exciting reveal for the new Bahamut boss battle. The new dungeon requires a party of 8 people that are promised one of the most challenging experiences in the new 5-tier slug fest. At the time of this posting players have yet to clear the final stage.

Finally the developers released some much needed footage on the games instanced housing system. The wording on the official blog post indicates that only Free Company housing will be available with update 2.1, players will have to wait for personal housing.

It appears Square Enix have forgotten that they have both US and European players but you can still enjoy the video content below, just don’t expect to be able to understand it.




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