Working At Riot Games Is A Riot

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Oh that title, pure genius. It appears the massive success of League of Legends is down to just more than a great game in a new genre as the developers scoop up yet another award. In July of this year Riot Games was awarded the 4th spot in the Top
Tech Companies to Work For, the first time a gaming related company had ever been featured on that list.

A recent announcement states that Riot Games has also just been named as the #3 Best Medium Workplace by Great Places to Work, yet again Riot Games are the only gaming related company feature on the list.

An official statement from Riot Games:

aspire to make Riot Games a legitimately great place to work, so it
feels great to be recognized for our efforts to create a culture where
Rioters can thrive.

?This was our first year applying for the list, so our expectations
were blown away by the #3 ranking. Teams from across the company
contributed to the application process, which included a survey about
life at Riot that went out to randomly-selected Rioters and an in-depth
questionnaire about our culture and programs. This process gave us the
opportunity to share Riot culture and stories, but also gave us a chance
to take cultural inventory of where we?re at and where we still need to

?To learn more about a few of the cultural artifacts we hold most
dear, read about the Riot Manifesto,Champions Cup culture awards, Show
and Tell, Play Fund and the benefits Rioters enjoy in the Santa Monica
and Saint Louis offices.?

Many current and past employees have also publicly stated their positive impression of the setup at Riot Games, quite clearly a vital ingredient in the continued success of League of Legends.

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