PWE Reveal Details On Neverwinter Online VIP Program

Perfect World Entertainment today announced the introduction of a new hybrid revenue model for Neverwinter Online with the debut of the VIP program. The new program acts as an optional subscription model for players that want a little extra from their Neverwinter Online experience. Current options allow for monthly subscriptions with discounts applied for longer period commitments including 60 and 180 days.

Available in-game for Zen, priced at 1000 (30 days), 2700 (60 days) and 5100 (180 days), subscribers will earn additional VIP points that will unlock new ranks and additional in-game perks. For example, spending 2700 Zen unlocks VIP Rank 3 that includes a hugely impressive list of perks:


  • VIP zone access (Moonstone Mask)
  • 15% bonus AD on daily quests in Protector’s Enclave.
  • 15% bonus AD on hourly events
  • Instant Moonstone Mask teleport.
  • Team buff when grouped (All members + VIP players gets +1000HP if below level 65 and +2000HP if above. This stacks for each member with VIP.
  • 10% bonus to: XP/Glory/Profession XP excludes some professions.
  • 1 Dungeon Delve Key
  • All active companions earn 20% XP (summoned earns)
  • Per day (must be claimed each day, opportunity lost if not claimed.)


Source: Official Website

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