Ragnarok 2 Introducing New MOBA PvP

WarpPortal today announced some exciting details for the Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second update, including a brand new PvP game mode based on the growing MOBA genre. The new update, titled Grand Master Jehoon Training Site, will introduce MOBA style player vs. player content, building on the already popular PvP scene in the critically acclaimed MMORPG game.

The new PvP mode will allow players to group with friends while hunting monsters and defending their statue while attempting to destroy their opponents. The Legend of the Second update will also introduce a new high-level instance, the Chaos Dungeon. Players will battle through some of the most difficult PvE content available for the opportunity to collect the incredibly powerful Seed Rune Equipment, new items that offer an all-new way for players to increase their power.

For more information on the update, including specific details on the new MOBA element, click here.

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