Drakensang Online 20 Million Strong

You can say what you want about the world of the free browser MMO game but there’s one that stands head and shoulders above many, Drakensang Online. Developed in-house by the award-winning MMO portal Bigpoint, Drakensang Online has captured the hearts of over 20 million players since its release, dwarfing the numbers on display for most other Bigpoint titles.

More than 20 million registered players and over 25,000 new players enjoying the game everyday; Drakensang Online is growing at an exponential rate.

“We’re very proud that Drakensang has found so many fans worldwide. The
team has done outstanding work, and the tremendous feedback we get from
players is a big motivator for us. We’re constantly working to improve
the title, and look forward just as much as our fans do to more riveting
content coming down the pipeline,” says Bernd Beyreuther, Producer of
Drakensang Online.

In celebration of the new milestone for registered players Bigpoint have released a brand new feature trailer highlighting the next class heading to Drakensang Online, the
Steam Mechanicus. Check out the video below for more information:


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