Ran Online: New ?Assassin? Class Revealed

Ran Online, the campus-based 3D MMORPG released the artworks of their 7th class ?Assassin?. The class is optimized for PvP combats.

The story behind how the assassins came to be is as follows: ?Saint Foundation’s campuses have been isolated due to the phenomenon that hit the world. There were secret agents who only took orders from Dr. TK, the founder of the Saint Foundation. After Dr. TK had gone missing, they speculated invasion and raid of Another World to this isolated and chaotic world quietly on the side and realized that the three campuses in dispute for the resources must unite together to end the chaos. The agents decided to success their powers and skills of infiltration, disguise and execution to the students to overcome this chaos. Therefore, Assassin, the class with deadly skills of East and West has been established?.

The assassins have the abilities to hide or teleport themselves away from their enemies. They are also able to transform into an animal figure in order to achieve faster movements. The assassins are completely trained with the skills in order to participate in PvP combat. There is also a certain skill called ?Crowd Control? that the assassin is equipped with that the developers say, ?will make the game more interesting for the Ran Online gamers who enjoys group PvP combats?.

Min Communications, Inc., the developer of Ran Online, anticipates that PvP contents such as Club Death Match, Lead Club Battle, Tyranny(School Wars) will be more apt to take a shine to the update of Assassin.

The update for this character class has already taken place in Ran Online Korea and is expected to be updated in Ran Online Global Service on September 27th, 2012.

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