Random Worlds Now Available In 7 Days To Die

Despite 7 Days To Die’s rather turbulent journey the zombie themed survival MMO is on track once again with the release of the highly anticipated Alpha 9 update and the often requested Randomly Generated Worlds feature. Labeled by the developers as Randomz-gane, the new random system will add an exciting series of randomly generated biomes to the world of 7 Days To Die including sprawling cities, long roads, rivers, lakes, mountainous regions and expansive wilderness biomes.

It doesn’t end there. Alpha 9 comes with a massive list of fixes and minor adjustments, alongside a host of exciting new mechanics:

We’ve also reworked the entire in game GUI with new Art, Truetype
fonts and many new features including fog of war, waypoints, friend
tracking and recipe search.
If that wasn’t enough we’ve added some major Buff System enhancements
including, Broken Legs, Sprained Legs, Dysentery, Drowning, Concussions
and First Aid Kits. We’ve also including new rendering enhancements
including soft shadows and underwater effects. In addition the player
can now craft a full cloth armor set and use scrap iron build and
upgrade forts. Folks this update is jammed packed with features!

When you consider that 7 Days To Die has been totally overhauled in recent months, to get back to this stage so quickly was a massive undertaking and the perfect way to celebrate the games 1 year anniversary since being funded on Kickstarter. For more details check out the link below.

Source: Official Website

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