EverQuest Next Tempest Class Reveal | SOE Live 2014

When EverQuest Next launches, it will come loaded with a staggering 40 different classes to choose from. Sony Online Entertainment debuted two classes with the EverQuest Next reveal at SOE Live 2013, and in similar fashion, took time to introduce three new classes at this year’s show, SOE Live 2014. Let’s take a look at one of the three, the Tempest:

EverQuest Next’s Tempest class is designed all around mobility. Described as a druid assassin, the Tempest springs into battle, makes his/her strike and then quickly makes an exit before the enemies even know what hit them. Thematically identified with a blue and red lighting effects, Tempest players have access to an array of abilities such as Spark Rush or Cyclone, which each deal shock damage in fast directional dashes.

Seeing the Tempest in action for the first time is impressive and almost overwhelming to take in. The attacks are very quick and allow the class to travel out of fighting range in no time at all. Taking an objective look at the Tempest compared to other announced classes, it would almost seem that a well-skilled Tempest would be extremely difficult to take on, mostly against a physical class like a warrior with their smaller attack radii.

We asked asked about the potential for the Tempest class to be OP in modes like PvP, but EverQuest Next Senior Producer Terry Michaels reassured us that there are plenty of methods effective in stopping a Tempest in their tracks (read about the Elementalist class’s flash freeze ability, for example). Regardless of our first hands-off impressions, EverQuest Next is still very early in production, meaning the developers have plenty of time for testing and tweaking before we even get to try it for ourselves.

To see what EverQuest Next’s Tempest class is capable of, check out the video below or cycle through the Image Gallery found above. What are your initial impressions, are you all about it or are you sensing OP? Let us know in the comments.

EverQuest Next New Combat and Classes | SOE Live 2014

Three new classes were announced! Don’t forget to study up on EverQuest Next’s other new classes, the Cleric and the Elementalist.

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