Rappelz – Update Epic VIII Part 1

The fantasy MMORPG Rappelz from Gala Networks Europe has today launched an new update for their leading free to play game.  The update titled Epic VIII Part 1: Victory Song adds a number of new features including many that are directly related to the in-game battles.

Included in the update is the introduction of battle arenas and new team PvP stadiums.  Battle arenas offer three types of PvP matches.  These matches pit up to 32 players against each other in epic combat.  These battles will win you arena points, which can then be spent in an exclusive in-game shop.  

In addition to the in-game battles the new update brings five new creatures which come as field bosses.  The new bosses include a Minotaurs, a witch-corpse type create the Baphomet and a forest spirit Undine.  You can battle these new bosses and even have a chance to tame them and turn them in to pets.

To play the game head on over to the Rappelz website.

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